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Problems inherent in analog conference system

Traditional analog conferencing equipment there are several issues make it gradually being replaced by digital conference equipment.

(1) traditional analog conferencing unit must transmit a radio signal line equipment, lighting, power cable, television camera cables, clear  speaker cable supplier, etc. laying distance alone, otherwise it will interfere with conference equipment, particularly the small-signal analog voice transmission. But these require a lot of on-site due to limitations of the building structure is difficult to achieve. Another simulation conference microphones (including analog hand in hand conference system) low-noise low-loss audio signal transmission over long distances (over 50m) not been resolved.

(2) traditional analog conference microphone each requiring a separate cable, cables and more, in the narrow space of the venue laid cable big difficulty, operational control is more complex.

(3) traditional analog conference microphone for meeting site will generally be controlled using the console, system complexity, users require a higher operating personnel.

(4) In the request for a meeting linkage spokesman imaged in use (such as videoconferencing rooms, multimedia conference rooms, etc.), the state can not pass the microphone to camera equipment to achieve this function, even have to pay a high cost to achieve , the average user can not accept.

(5) must be used in conjunction with the PA system, can not be used alone.

(6) Analog hand in hand conference system due to the audio signal and the power supply away a total of one speaker cable, and fidelity to the system Na is not high, the sound quality is not good. 2, the digital conference system-specific features

Digital Hand in Hand conference equipment can solve the above problems, after digitizing audio conferencing equipment, the system can be significantly enhanced anti-jamming performance over long distances without loss of low-noise audio signal transmission meetings and information, the system frequency response and high fidelity good sound quality, ease of connection control and other equipment. Can be widely used in small meeting rooms, especially large conference venues, stadiums and other occasions.

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