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Coaxial cable mechanism and advantages of broadband transmission details

Limited use analog signal transmission cable television china coaxial cable system is called a broadband coaxial cable. In computer networks, "broadband cable" means any use of analog signal transmission cable network.

Since the cable broadband network using standard techniques, the frequency band fiber laser can be used up to 300MHz (often to 450MHz); the use of analog signals need to be placed at the interface of an electronic device, to the bit stream entering the network into an analog signal and the signal is converted to the network output bit stream.

Copper coaxial cable for hard-core, outsourcing a layer of insulating material. This layer of insulating material surrounding the conductor with a tightly woven mesh, extranet also covered with a layer of protective material. There are two widely used coaxial cable. One is the 50 ohm cable for digital transmission, as used for the base-band transmission, also called baseband coaxial cable; the other is a 75 ohm cable for analog transmission. This difference is caused by historical reasons, and not due to technical reasons or coaxial cable manufacturers.

This coaxial structure, it has a high bandwidth and excellent noise rejection. Coaxial cable bandwidth depends on the cable length. 1km of cable can reach 1Gb / s ~ 2Gb / s data transfer rate. You can also use a longer cable, but the transmission rate should be reduced or intermediate amplifiers. Currently, a large number being replaced by fiber coaxial cable, but still widely used in cable TV and some LAN.

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