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Wire and cable industry associations to "green" to seize the initiative

Wire and cable is related to people's lives and a special commodity in almost all sectors whether the normal operation, the face of people's living environment and living environment of growing concern, the market prospects are also increasingly optimistic about green telephone cable supplier. Meanwhile, with concern for the environment around the world continue to strengthen, production and manufacture of environmentally friendly pollution-free products has become a global trend, which marked the top Shenzhen Biadi Technology Co. Ltd manufacturers need to actively understand and master the latest global green environmental regulations, control the latest environmental control technology to ensure product "green" energy-saving and environmental protection, in order to gain an advantage in the competitive international market.

First, R & D: Currently, the international environmental laws and regulations, more and more, more and more stringent, cable companies must achieve the production process of "green management and control," and ultimately to achieve "green manufacturing" to make products to successfully enter target market, the cable industry to jointly promote the cause of environmental protection, actively promote the development of green industries.

Second, personnel training: Talent Reserve Center will focus on recruitment, training, employment, compensation, career counseling and other special services industry to improve the wire and cable professional standards and innovation as the core, combined with high-end talent flow wire and cable industry trends, demand for business professionals and other objective factors, with high-level personnel and shortage of personnel to focus, to create a huge high-quality management, professional and technical personnel for the wire and china network cable  industry to build a healthy, green, high-end talent employment platform.

Third, the standard-setting: a first-class standards of business done. Establish and improve the standardization system, promote the integration of innovation and technology standards to enhance the core competitiveness of industries.

Fourth, to promote brand strategy: focus on the implementation of brand strategy, focused on creating a standard top brand, bring the whole industry.

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