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Compared with network cbale, where is coaxial cable transmission strengths?

We are Netwok cable and coaxial cable manufacturer, Today let us introduce the difference between network cable and coaxial:

1. coaxial transmission line is a high quality broadband shielded transmission line

[Quality]: transmission attenuation.

[Broadband]: coaxial cable has done 0 ~ 20Gz; UTP coaxial transmission bandwidth is about 1/10;

2. coaxial and twisted-pair transmission characteristics are specified by the national standard, can not change. As the upper frequency of the video signal 6M, for 2000 meters transmission distance, SYWV-75-5 cable attenuation is 40db, that is 100 times the voltage decay, 1Vp-p video signal attenuation of 6M to 10mv, or 80db microvolts, at this level video resume, you can ensure a high signal to noise ratio. Cable system design has experienced engineers, this is very clear; for unshielded twisted pair, 6M 2km attenuation of 92db, attenuation nearly four times more than 75-5 coax big 52db (nearly 400 times);

3. twisted pair transmission 2km, 1Vp-p signal attenuation to 25 microvolts, that level is 28db microvolts, and circuits can already be close to the noise level, only the end of the compensation, the SNR will seriously deteriorate the way out only to increase the level of the front end. This is the current twisted pair transmission must be "front push pull" technology program, seek compensation before and after the lifting device must be greater than the total capacity of 92db, actually should do 100db.

4. Conclusion: When comparing rg11 coaxial cable supplier and twisted pair transmission system, there are two important points must seize: First, the differences between the two wire transmission characteristics, and second is to look at the level and performance of the transmission equipment;

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