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Cable over 100 meters how to do? The three most effective solution

We all know that if the china network cable length exceeds 100 meters, then the stability of the network will be seriously as a threat. So can we have a way to solve this problem? The answer is yes! Now I'll tell you three of the more reliable methods for reference:

1. The purchase of two directional antennas, nor the kind of 30KM range, on to a 1-3KM is enough, buy an external antenna can be installed AP or wireless router, here put forward their own wireless antenna installation NIC (this distance depending on the orientation of the antenna configuration).

2. If you use an antenna that distance is too long, then wire the Internet. By this method the Internet through "Powerline adapter" This special tools, such equipment is currently online buy TP-LINK's just over 100 blocks of a (total need two), which can be achieved not more than 200 meters of transmission distance, but also have satisfied the requirements of belonging to one meter.

3. To achieve long distance transmission through repeaters. But this repeater stability because of the distance it is threatened. And although some repeaters said to be able to achieve more than 500 meters of transmission distance, but the actual quality of the network cable manufacturer will have to see it.

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