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High voltage XLPE cable is expected working life

High voltage XLPE cable waterproof performance tidal power sector has been an important issue of concern. High voltage XLPE cable transmission system reliability depends largely on the china cable supplier inside the water tree growth. The water tree growth, in addition to the longitudinal waterproof cable, but also directly with radial water tidal characteristics of the cable related. High voltage XLPE cable radial water tidal components are primarily metal sleeve. Popular at home and abroad high voltage XLPE cable waterproof tidal metal sleeve main squeeze, welded and plastic composite sheath with integrated three categories, its structure, performance, manufacturing methods, manufacturing equipment, users reviews, etc. different from each other.

There are several ways to prevent moisture and moisture into the interior of the cable. Among them, the metal sleeve can effectively prevent water or moisture into the interior of the cable and cause water tree formation and growth, deterioration of the cable insulation level dropped to shorten cable life. According to foreign china cable experters cable run time experience and theoretical projections, XLPE cables under different circumstances in life expectancy below. Of course, some of these data is a computer simulation of the experimental data, but it has a certain reference value.

Without any protection and is subject to water or moisture affect 15-25 years

Use expandable water blocking tapes 20-30 years

Use water-resistant tree crosslinked material 30-35 years

Use water-resistant trees and water blocking material crosslinked with 35-40 years

Use metal sleeve moisture barrier 60 years

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