Telephone cable

Audio cable requirement(2)

Sound system connection, a microphone, speakers and equipment to be used for each device connected between the lines, that the speaker cable. Systems used in cable connections not only with the signal to noise ratio of the system, but also to the cable materials also has a large segment of the parameters characteristic of the sound effects.

Here's is the second:

Line-level signal transmission line

The level of the cable used to connect the signal transmission line between the respective devices in the electrical sound audio system. These applications are also shielded cable to prevent interference. Line-level signal transmission line on the mechanical properties of no special requirements, with ordinary rubber speaker cable. However, the line will have some impact on the quality material. Therefore, line-level audio engineering used in the transmission line should try to use oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable, which not only helps to improve the sound quality, the price is more reasonable.

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