Telephone cable

Audio cable requirement(1)

Sound system connection, a microphone, speakers and equipment to be used for each device connected between the lines, that the china speaker cable. Systems used in cable connections not only with the signal to noise ratio of the system, but also to the cable materials also has a large segment of the parameters characteristic of the sound effects. According to different transmitted signals, sound engineering with cable can be divided into three categories: The first category is a weak signal transmission cable, mainly refers to the microphone line, the second is the level of the signal transmission cable for each connection between the type of equipment: The third category is the power of the signal transmission cable, that the speaker cable. Here's what the first one:

Microphone cable

Microphone cable must be shielded because the microphone wire transfer is millivolt signal level is low, in order to prevent electromagnetic interference by the environment, must be shielded. There are two core shielded microphone cable line and single shielded wire points, two cores can be used for balance transfers, can only be used for non-equilibrium single transmission. Microphone cable in addition to interference requirements, there are requirements for mechanical properties. To move frequently due to the microphone, microphone cable susceptible to stretch, but also easy to tie. To do this requires a microphone cord should be softer than the average shielded wire and adding fiber lines in the cable, in order to improve the tensile strength. Should choose metal shield close, soft, fibrous cord microphone cable for sound engineering.

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