Telephone cable

Coaxial cable Internet

Coaxial cable supplier internet can generally be divided into three categories, The following we can tell

1. backbone network

In diameter trunk lines and other lines of different aspects of attenuation, the former usually consists of a protective layer of cable composition.

2. times Backbone

Times the diameter of the trunk cable is smaller than the main cable. When using sub main cable on different levels of the building, to be distributed using high-gain amplifier, and to consider the cable outlet with the user interface.

3. cable

RG6 coaxial cable is not hinged, the parts are connected by a low loss of the connector. Linker match the physical properties of the cable. Used middle connector and coupling line pipe wrap, to prevent inadvertent grounding. If you want the cable buried in areas not irradiated with light, it is best to put the cable buried in the stratum below freezing. If you do not want the cable buried in the ground, it is best to use poles erected. Coaxial cable every 100 meters set a mark in order to facilitate maintenance. When necessary 20 meters of cable support to every. When installed inside the building, to consider ease of maintenance and expansion, where necessary, the need to provide pipes, protect the cable.

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