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Identification of cat6 cable

Cat6 cable ultimate aim is to make everyone more efficient use of the Internet, we want to achieve the effect of network technology is under-developed situation, we will see more efficient and intelligent green health. Therefore choose the right super six class network cable is each of our companies, each customer wants, UTP cat6 cable manufacturer and an analysis method of identifying the super six cable:

Identification of one:

a: three lines where the line is two to four, five lines where the line is four to eight .b: lines outside really difficult to burn rubber, and rubber fake lines outside most of the flammable .c : false line at relatively high temperatures (40 ℃ above) outer rubber softens, really do not.

Identification of two:

a: true internal copper wire material than pure, relatively soft, resilient and not easily pulled off .b: between shielded twisted-pair wires and rubber insulating materials, crystal outside layer of metal mesh and metal heads were also parcel .c: twisted direction UTP cat6 network cable is twisted counterclockwise instead of clockwise around the clockwise around will affect the speed and distance.

Identification of three:

a: super six cable lines inside the circle around the number of time is not the same, because the same number of laps, then transmit signals between two pairs of lines will interfere with each other, so that the transmission distance shorter .b: conditions can find 100 meters of UTP using Windows "Network monitor" field test, 5 cable can reach 100Mbps, 3 class lines only 10Mbps.

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