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In the developed world this network, fiber optic cable is replaced by other communication tools inevitable trend. But there are many people who do not have contact with the communications industry seems no difference between optical fiber and optical cable sounds will be considered the same product, in fact, is not equal to the fiber optic cable. Let me tell you about the relationship between the optical fiber and cable, hoping to give any contact with the fiber optic cable to help a friend.

Optical fiber is a pure quartz (glass) in a special process is thinner than a human hair pulled into the middle of the glass tube medium, the enormous amount of information can be transmitted in a very short time. Out of the initial production of the core diameter is very small, the current standard of only 0.125 mm. Fiber plants are in the core diameter of the surface is covered with a resin applied on the protective layer is 0.25 mm or 0.9 mm. Usually after the first coating, fiber diameter of 0.25 mm, we usually call it bare fiber. Some cable according to demand, will bare fiber secondary coating, made of relatively thick tight buffered fiber with a diameter of 0.9 mm.

The current international standard optical fiber is divided into two types: single-mode fiber and multimode fiber. Singlemode fiber only one mode of light transmission, single-mode fiber because of its inter-modal dispersion is small, the transmission distance of a few hundred kilometers, suitable for long-distance communication, China has laid fiber optic cable is to use the vast majority of single-mode fiber. Multimode fiber is mainly used in the LAN, not for long-distance transmission, multi-mode fiber transmission distance is relatively recent, generally only 2 km.

Due to the small diameter of the fiber, easily broken features, it can not be directly used for the site, in order to allow the fiber used in various fields (highways, airports, residential, mountains, sea and low), depending on the site, the fiber optic cable companies to make different types of fiber optic cable. Generally be divided into indoor cable, outdoor cable, buried cable, optical cable, and so mixed. Usually by fiber optic cable, ointment, aluminum, steel, aramid, glass yarn, high strength yarn, PE, LSZH, FRP and other materials made of precision-machined fiber optic cable supplier.

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