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How to identify the true and false of the rubber cable?

With the increase of silicon rubber network cable in urban grid, the large number of applications, fault cable connectors and accessories of cable connectors and accessories also continue to occur. In the cause of the fault analysis process, the staff is very concerned at the high temperature and high humidity environment whether joint or cable line construction work will affect the normal operation of the moisture content of the silicone rubber material of the body. To solve this problem first consider the genuine problems of silicone rubber cable

Really silicone rubber cable has good thermal stability, excellent electrical properties, flame resistance, excellent corrosion resistance to environmental performance and high temperature thermal conductivity, Wing CSI its application in the wire and cable industry is growing. Which chain is a flexible chain polymer, in the absence of external force is generally not linear, but is curved, can be extended in case of an external force, i.e., a rubber having a high elasticity, this performance is not found in the other polymer compound. The maximum temperature operating temperature of 180 degrees, easily torn by hand, (special selection of silicone rubber with high tear) will not soften when burning with fire, dust produced by combustion is white. Silicone rubber cables rubber is a chain polymers, which are flexible chain polymer chain. Rubber is usually divided into two categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber, by polycondensation of organic silicon portion hydrolysis.

Fake silicone rubber cable materials have small silicon material, a silicon rubber cable flexibility, its color appearance and really similar to silicone rubber cable and how to distinguish between small silicon silicone rubber UTP cat5e network cable flame retardant material the effect of the temperature at 105 degrees, with a fire burning will soften, dust generated during combustion of black, hand difficult to tear.

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