Telephone cable

Internet cafes cable maintenance

The first is the network cable, which is conducted bridge data exchange between network devices, in addition to using high-quality cable, the Internet network cable must be checked regularly to see if there are loose, especially connected to the computer network card terminal network cable, since users improper use, not carefully loosen the net thread, the contact is not good, the Internet is unstable. But must ensure that in the off state.

In actual networking, try not to use too long utp cat5e network cable, twisted pair connection distance of over 50 meters, network speed will be greatly reduced, especially in high-speed fiber-optic network, if a large or long distance traffic, the network will be unable to Unicom. When walking the line, do not let the network cable exposure to various power adapter, because the adapter fever will not only affect the network speed, but also make the network cable rapid aging.

Internet cafes switches, routers, ADSL cats, etc., need to use a separate power supply, even though they work depends on the stability of power size, but because of the characteristics of the power cord itself will be outside interference, many users believe that the Internet just pull a power line on the line, in fact, the Internet within the total load is relatively large, increasing the number of machines, the power is significantly increased.

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