Telephone cable

Microphone cable shielding

Microphone cable is mainly used to connect a microphone and sound equipment, as its working voltage very weak, so the wire shield is particularly important. Here is the way to introduce some shielding:

1, wrapping copper wire: the general use of copper wire is wound on the top, encountered around the song, it is easy to produce shield poor condition, most part of the microphone cable used in short distance;

2, braided copper wire: copper wire to the multiple ways woven into one network, which is much higher than the winding shielding characteristics, is applied on the professional stage performance with the need to move the equipment;

3, aluminum foil isolation: the use of aluminum foil characteristics of the wire perimeter plus a shield, and with a surge of ground to ground, the shielding effect of good, kind of speaker cable used in engineering, installation or multi-stage multi-core cable.

4, conductive PVC / PE: use soft material conductive PVC / PE outsourced to external wire, with comprehensive coverage and unbreakable characteristics, need to match the wound or braided use, generally used only in the Advanced microphone wire.

5, compound isolation (double isolation): double shielded to make up for the above advantages and disadvantages of various shielding, the most common is the aluminum foil + braid, mainly used in the need for high shielding wire, another UL2919 wire VGA signal transmission also uses this class technology.

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