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Fiber optic cableto maintain a distinctive feature

1. Seasonal: seasonal fiber optic cable line maintenance means that before the wind, ice and flood season comes, etc., relevant work units and personnel should strengthen inspection efforts fiber optic cable lines, be sure lines running smooth, thereby protecting the network operation smooth and normal telephone communications.

2. Cumbersome: the cable lines used for many years, because of these technical flaws own fiber optic cables and run for too long, there have been local lines and fiber optic splice closure aging phenomenon, in some places there was even a case of biting loss optical fiber cable lines mice , plus some projects not operating will result in the construction of the fiber optic cable in accordance with the provisions of the damage, which leads to communication transmission ability. Therefore, as far as possible to deal with the daily fiber optic cable line maintenance, which would imply a tedious this work.

3. Timeliness: fiber optic cable line maintenance work also includes the general cable fault repair, once the cable fault, it should be repaired promptly dispatch personnel.

4. Preventive: maintenance of fiber optic cable lines should be based on prevention, through the line failure prevention, thereby improving the quality of maintenance work to ensure that the line equipment is in good working condition.

5. Key: the conducting cable line maintenance, you must prioritize and focus, in general, long-term underground fiber optic cable in the damp, dark soil environment, vulnerable to damage, so it should be used as maintenance focus to ensure that its line of protective layer to timely repair to ensure the cable core is not compromised because of damp.

fiber optic cable

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