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Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable is for short. Optical fiber communication is a light wave as an information carrier, the optical fiber as a communication transmission medium. In principle, the basic elements of the material constituting the optical fiber is an optical fiber communication, light source and light detector. In addition to the optical fiber by the manufacturing process, composition and optical characteristics of the material classification, in the application, the optical fiber is often classified by use, can be divided into optical fiber communication and sensing fiber. Optical fiber transmission medium is divided into two general-purpose and special, but functional devices for optical fiber refers to the completion of wave amplification, shaping, frequency, optical frequency, modulation and optical oscillation function, and often a function of the device forms. The reason why the rapid development of tight buffer fiber optic cable, mainly due to it has the following characteristics:

(1) Communication large capacity, transmission distance;

(2) signal crosstalk, good security performance;

(3) anti-electromagnetic interference, good transmission quality;

(4) Small ,fiber size, light weight, easy to lay and transportation;

(5) the source material is rich, good environmental protection;

(6) No radiation, difficult to eavesdrop;

(7) cable adaptable, long life

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