Telephone cable

Ordinary telephone cable and wires,What is the difference?

Communication with the round telephone cable is the signal line carrying the current can be negligible, the conductive core is very small, in order to increase the tensile strength of the wire has been intentionally added. The common wire to carry a certain current, the conductive core copper, aluminum and other cross-sectional area is relatively thick, the withstand voltage of the telephone line, also tens of volts, can not replace the use of wires. 

Phone lines are transmitted signal, so the phone lines are on the glue line, interference, and the wires can carry current, although large, but there is no such function, the two can not be universal. 

The telephone cable is an analog transmission signal to the request signal is not particularly accurate, so the material used in the telephone line are in aluminum or iron-based raw materials. The electric wire is transferred, it must have good electrical conductivity, and smaller losses, and a certain strength. Copper and aluminum materials in general. 

It is not universal.

Telephone cable

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