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How to choose anti-theft system alarm cable?

Based on the bus in the form of a professional alarm cable system is currently the most widely used, the cable applications are the most complicated, so here discussed.

Between the front-end detector to alarm controller general use RVV2 * 0.3 (signal line) and RVV4 * 0.3 (2 +2 core-core signal power) cables, and generally use between the controller and terminal security alarm center is 2 core signal cable, as cable or twisted pair or shielded ordinary sheathed cable, you need a variety of different brands of products according to the requirements to be, the thickness of the wire according to the distance and quality of the alarm control center to be.

But we must first determine the distance between the center and the location of each security alarm controller, the maximum distance can not exceed the length of the various brands of the provisions of, or do not meet the requirements of the bus; alarm throughout the region is relatively large, the bus is certainly not meet the requirements under the conditions, the alarm can be divided into several regions, and to determine the location of the control center, to ensure that the control center to reach the distance of each alarm controller bus meets the requirements. Finally, the control center to determine the overall management of the center of communication is the use of RS232-RS485 converter transmission or use of RS232-TCP / IP using the district or sub-transmission cabling system management center management software using TCP / IP network to forward to the General management center.

Power alarm controller commonly used in situ to take power rather than centralized power control room. Because the spot to take power lines shorter, generally slightly smaller diameter can, but, to be configured according to the actual line losses.

Power sector and other public areas alarm cable supplier equipment is generally centralized power supply mode, the line is longer, generally RVV2 * 1.0 "above specifications, based on the actual line losses configuration. Grounded all power needs unity. Meanwhile proposal, different systems of alarm signals (eg perimeter alarm bus, bus alarm in public areas and household alarm bus separately) should not be used all the way to the bus, sub-line position to be easy to install cable tray, so easy in maintenance and debugging. recommendations alarm bus and other lines charge traces, bus go weak bridge required by the weak standards and other lines to keep distance.

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