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Coaxial cable connect to the Internet

As more data is uploaded or downloaded, the Internet as a medium of data to the cloud increasingly important. Increasingly strong demand for network speed. However, the convenience of access to the Internet and can not be calculated together with the rapid development of cloud, for some unpaved network cable manufacturer, network cable, or you need to upgrade the old region, large-scale cable laying or update takes a lot of manpower and resources. So, can take advantage of existing equipment, network access it? This issue is also broadcasting industry has been the study of things in one direction.

Broadband access using existing fiber optic cable, coaxial cable broadband households overcome, burglary difficult problem. "Continue to explore coaxial communications resources and values, and through independent research and development of high-frequency, broadband, multi-channel frequency-division multiplexing, full use is widespread in homes, hotels and other buildings inside the house and traditional coaxial cable video surveillance system , solve the "last 100 meters" broadband access, radio frequency (RF) television signal transmission and power supply equipment and other issues, can be realized 10/100BASE-T, CATV, 3G/WiFi/ZigBee such as signal and power cable transmission (super G access). "

Cable television network is one of China's largest access network, is to carry out the service market advantage. CATV Rg6 coaxial cable network not only in every household, but also extends to multiple user households living room. In other words, CATV coaxial cable network "burglary rate" is the other communication networks can not match. If you can take advantage of the coaxial cable network, "burglary" resources, network antennae interactive television services will be valid throughout the user's home living space, access points everywhere, and closely follow the broadcast television signal exports. Widespread coaxial cable is the material basis of resources and advantages of radio and television networks. Coaxial cable attenuation characteristics with life and stretch resistant, extruded, and many other advantages of project performance and cost price, these benefits for at least 10 years are irreplaceable.

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