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For professional Speaker cable how to evaluate?

For professional clear speaker cable , the structure of the data is the key to professional Speaker cable before a good voice, the purity of the material is the basis for the wire, he was no technical indicators.

For the evaluation of an audio equipment wire, the wire should be with different quality systems audition, if not resolving power wire, sound system with matching wire resolving power are good, this will be a good evaluation of the wire, which is listen misunderstanding, feeling in balance indicator wire, should refer to the system all the wires match, index mutual capability for later, when the mix of sound system equipment at the balance of the sound, leaving the sound system cables, sound feeling in balance in any professional audio cables are it is difficult to express, and professional audio cables all sense of hearing evaluation can not be too big a match between the wire will create difficulties for each other is important that the correct tuning may become a bottleneck.

Professional audio equipment wire should first have a full-range of audio balance drop. The whole band is the ability to load the wire, if not met, no one look down the audio bandwidth much larger than the bandwidth, the texture is the main material characteristic sound of the instrument. Site should have good resolution, details of the frequency of the sound, the texture should be able to distinguish. Professional audio cables if you have these two, then it is a good description of loudspeaker cable.

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