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Submarine optical fiber cable system is fracture,which affected to Vietnam

Submarine optical fiber cable system Vung Tau province (Vung Tau) to Hong Kong section is fracture, result in Vietnam slow network.Vietnam fiber management unit, according to officials of fiber optic cable fault is located in vung tau, but due to the recent warming of the south China sea situation and rammasun typhoon is situated toward the south china sea to go forward, make the maintenance difficulties, fastest mid-august is expected to completely repair.

Vietnamese media reports, submarine optical fiber Cable (Asia - America Gateway Cable System) fracture, Vietnam's domestic network traffic and speed, web sites, E-mail, phone, video communication and so on are affected.

Immediately after the incident, the local telecommunications network companies to adopt reserve fiber optic cable, so as not to affect the user's network requirements.But for overseas Internet traffic and slower, part of the network interruption phenomenon could occur, but the domestic Internet is not affected.

Asian American submarine optical fiber cable, about 20000 km, Malaysia to start, the United States as the terminal, connection of southeast Asian nations and the United States, including Vietnam fiber optic cable segment length of about 314 kilometers.In December last year similar fracture accidents have occurred on the fiber optic cable, when Vietnam spent two weeks to complete repair.  

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