Telephone cable

Under different circumstances, how to choose the network cable?

1 Gigabit backbone switches, access points Gigabit Switch, which line? Cat6 cable

2 Gigabit backbone switches, access points hundred MB switch, which line? Cat6 cable

3 Gigabit backbone switch, access the new server, which line? .Cat6 cable

4 Gigabit backbone switch, access the old server, which line? UTP CAT5E cable

5 Points Gigabit switch, access the new machine, which line? If budget, will use Cat6 cable, common use UTP CAT5E cable.

6 Hundred MB point switches, access the old machine, which line? UTP cat5e cable

Cat6 cable with cat6 heads, Cat5e cable with Shielding head, and the head and the line should be guaranteed authentic!!!

UTP cat5e head with AMP Crimping Tool repression, cat6 head pressure with the machine or self-made instruments of repression. 568B line sequence in accordance with the order, then use the correlation detection tool for testing.

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