Telephone cable

Gigabit network cable connector for connection

Gigabit 5cable or UTP cat5e cable form with the same form of Fast Ethernet cable, also divided into straight-through and crossover. There is no difference between the straight lines and usually use. But the traditional Fast network cable manufacturer uses only four cables to transmit, and to use eight gigabit network to transmit, so that different production and Fast Gigabit crossover cable, production methods are as follows: 1 pair 3,2 pair 6 , 3 pairs 1, 4 pair 7,5 pair 8, 6 pair 2, 7 pair 4, 8 pair 5.

For example:

One end is: half orange, orange, half green, blue, half blue, green, half-brown, brown;

The other end: half green, green, half orange, half-brown, brown, orange, blue, semi-blue

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