Telephone cable

Reduce the network cable interference

Using the twisted wire is wound between two ways to reduce the signal transmission interference. UTP cable around a length known as "pitch around" to represent each of the lines on the intertwining tightness. For each of the lines can generate the degree of crosstalk between each other is reduced to a minimum, the cord often tightly wound together in the counterclockwise direction, and each pair of lines used should not be about the same distance. Typically, the more twisted knot tightly twisted degree, twisted away from the more uniform, its anti-interference ability of the stronger, twisted-pair crosstalk inside the smaller. In the long-distance network transmission, the effect is better.

We say that the three types of lines, five lines, seven types of lines ... the difference between them is increasingly coarse wire diameter, smaller torque, twist two wires getting tight pair spacers between the more and more (Cross skeleton, aluminum foil, Mylar, drain wire, copper wire braid), frequency from 16MHz to 100MHz, 250MHz, 500MHz, 600MHz and so on. When the frequency increases, the crosstalk phenomenon becomes more serious, which is necessary to increase the diameter of wire, cable torque increase, increasing the cross frame spaced from the cable, to increase the thickness of the outer sheath or the like to increase the shielding various production processes to solve increasingly difficult crosstalk problems. Have to say, let the cable crosstalk structure more complex.

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