Telephone cable

Network cable Shielded or unshielded need to consider

Crosstalk signal cable shield, divided into shielded and unshielded network cable.

Unshielded network cable of eight different colors is divided into four pairs, twisted wire pairs twisted role is to minimize electromagnetic radiation with an external electromagnetic interference.

Shielded twisted pair is divided into two categories, namely STP (Shielded Twisted-Pair) and FTP (Foil Twisted-Pair). STP refers to each line has its own shielded twisted pair shielded layer, and FTP is the use of shielded twisted pair overall shield. Shielded twisted pair has a higher transmission rate, within 100 meters can be achieved 155Mbps, higher than the corresponding unshielded twisted pair.

Currently, our common cable types, the majority of unshielded twisted pair type. Some may ask, since over unshielded twisted pair shielded twisted-pair interference, transmission fast, why we do not use shielded 5e cable? because the system requires shielded twisted pair is shielded all devices, including cables, sockets, crystal head and patch panels, etc., while the building needs to have a good ground system. Shielded twisted pair harsh environmental conditions, this technology is destined to "fragile." Generally speaking, in the actual construction, it is difficult all perfect ground, so that the shield itself as the largest source of interference, resulting in performance or may not be as unshielded twisted pair. So, unless there are special needs, usually in the cabling system using only unshielded network cable.

FTP 5e cable

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