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Can't go beyond 100 meters network Cable transmission distance

Know a twisted-pair are "insurmountable" of the "100 m" transmission distance.Whether 10 m transmission rates of three kinds of twisted pair, or 100 m transfer rate of 5 kinds of twisted pair, or even 1000 m transfer rate of six kind of twisted pair, as far as effective distance of 100 meters.In the integrated wiring specification, also clear request level wiring cannot be more than 90 meters, the link cannot be more than the total length of 100 meters.That is to say, 100 meters to the wired Ethernet is a limit, this limit is from nic to set line link length of the equipment.

What caused the network cable transmission distance 100 meters limit?

Network transmission, in fact, the network signal on the twisted-pair transmission, as a kind of electronic signals, in twisted-pair transmission, is necessarily affected by the resistance and capacitance, this leads to a network signal attenuation and distortion.The signal attenuation or distortion reaches a certain extent, will affect the effective and stable transmission signal. Is the signal loss measurement, decay has relationship with the length of the cable, with the increase of the length, the signal attenuation also will increase.Attenuation used "db" as a unit, said the source signal transmitter to the receiver signal strength, the ratio of damping on frequency

In addition, according to maxwell's law, as long as there is the existence of the current, there will be a magnetic field, the interaction of magnetic field, in the field of twisted pair is called the "crosstalk"."Crosstalk", that is, network signal in the process of cable transmission, have each other mutual interference.In order to avoid the interference, twisted pair within the conductor with the method of two mutual counterclockwise winding, offset this interference, this is the origin of the "twisted-pair" name.But even in this technique, to avoid interference network cable also by external electromagnetic interference signal, when too much background noise, error rate is increased, affecting the effective transmission of the network signal.

And Ethernet to the maximum allowable delay for 512 bit time (1 bit time = 10 nanoseconds).That is to say, from the signal is sent to the final confirmation of time but not more than 512 bits, otherwise, will think the signal is lost in transit.

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