Telephone cable

How to choose reliable network cable?

According to the different electrical properties of the cable can be divided into three, 5, 5e, 6 and 7 types of network cable. Different types of network cable price is even greater disparity, application is also very different. In addition to traditional voice systems still use three types of cable outside, the network cabling is now basically in the use of five or six type.

Poke UTP cable, you can see there are eight thin line between two winding, another one tensile wire, wire colors are identical with five twisted pair, namely white orange, orange, white and green , green, white, blue, blue, white and brown brown. Bare copper wire diameter is 0.51mm (AWG to 24AWG), insulation diameter of 0.92mm, UTP cable diameter of 5mm.

Cable variety, quality gap between different brands of network cable is very large, low-cost line of course is often cut corners on materials, such as copper purity and diameter enough plastic skin aging using inexpensive materials easily, "twisted pair" twist insufficient degree, and also cheap discount on line length. If you choose to go to the poor quality of the network cable, then appeared Suman in the process of using computers, dropped the case just fine. So find out the high quality is the key.

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