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Internet network cable develope elements

Internet technology upgrading is developing rapidly, the Internet as the assembly of the Internet.The development of the Internet should seize economic policy market technology system five dimensions.Respectively is:

System level

Internet industry chain participants ownership structure, property, trading, achievement transfer, in the development of the Internet industry is important in the process of impact.

The economic level

Promote the development of the Internet industry needs to support the development of key applications, as well as expand the key application to industry.Second, to the development of the dominant node to coordinate industrial chain, the industrial chain leading node as a whole.

Technical level

Technology elements with mainly in two aspects.For businesses, according to the nature of the network cable ...products, increased investment in research and development, to ensure that the corresponding technical advantage;From the industry perspective, the national related department to strengthen the standardization of the internet work.

Policy level

Policy elements for the development of the Internet of things industry more is to be effective by comprehensive role in the overall industry.

The market level

Application market oriented iot industry development, expand the scale of demand.

Finally, the development of the Internet's accessory network cable need to diversified business model, and enhance the vitality of the market.In order to achieve innovative and diversified business model, it is suggested that build, contact support iot upstream channel between basic technology and downstream applications.

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