Telephone cable

A general survey of Coaxial cable and Fiber optic cable

As a traditional analog and digital high-definition monitor transmission medium, coaxial cable has four features :

First, easy for wiring

Second, large frequency bandwidth

Third, two-way transmission

Fourth, anti-interference

Corresponding with coaxial cable is fiber optic cable, the biggest advantage of it is the transmission distance.Fiber optic not only can realize long-distance transmission, its attenuation is 1% loss per kilometer , so it can reach 20 km smooth transmission.

Four characteristics of fiber optic:

First,large frequency bandwidth

Second, small Attenuation.

Third,strong anti-interference.

Fourth, confidentiality Transmission

Compare with Coaxial cable and fiber optic cable, which one is better? From the developing trend, "light replace copper " can be able to explain everything. But fiber optic cable need special protection. As it is relatively weak, so that we shall take care when wiring, based on the transmission distance and effect, fiber optic still has great value of development in monitoring field.

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