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Why choose RG59 Siamese cable for your CCTV applications?

Biadicable ship large quantity of Siamese cable to Russia, Palestine and United State, All are Customized construction. Why we recommend this kind of cable for your surveillance or CCTV applications?


Easy To Use

Low Power Consumption

Quality Construction

CCTV Siamese cables allow the transmission of both power and video to your security cameras in one cable run.Here we have a list of the Siamese Cable that we offer for CCTV security cameras. If you don't know what siamese cabling is, please read below.

Siamese cable is a combination cable that combines data and power transmission on a single cable. It is commonly used in video, surveillance camera and closed-circuit television (CCTV) applications.

RG59 cable Siamese coaxial cables are great for distance, with the ability to reliably carry power and data signals up to 1000 feet, we called Siamese cable or RG59 Siamese cable.

In siamese wire you have the video coaxial RG59 cable, and also another 2 core power wires 2/18AWG for power running next to it. This Siamese cable is the most popular type of camera wire that we sell because it makes camera installation very easy. However, RG6 siamese cable can still be found.

We have siamese wire in wooden drum(spool), the drum of wire has no connectors on it, making it easier for installations where you have to snake or fish the cable through walls. Of course you will also need to purchase two BNC connectors and two power pigtails for each camera that you will have to tip the cable and connect it to your camera's video and power connector.

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