Telephone cable
How to choose cable correctly?Mar.13,2015
Choosing cable correctly is very important, what kind of products meet the national standards. Let Biadi who specialized in the production of network cable tell you the details.
Network cable and e-commerce combine with ...Mar.09,2015
In recent years, the fast development of internet technology in China, e-commerce is booming, it created new opportunities for the development of China's traditional enterprises.
The storage method of the telephone cableMar.05,2015
If you want to store the telephone cable for a long time, according to the placement of the cable, you should consider the following:
The category of the coaxial cableMar.03,2015
Biadi will share information about the category of the coaxial cable today. Coaxial cable is divided into thin cable (RG58 cable) and thick cable (RG11 cable).
Biadi will have a holiday from 12th Feb to...Feb.12,2015
The spring festival, Chinese New Year, is coming. Biadi will have 15 days off from 12th Feb, back to work on 27th Feb.
The aging cause of CCTV siamese cableFeb.09,2015
What is the main aging causes for CCTV Siamese cable? Biadi as a CCTV Siamese cable manufacturer​ give answers as following:
25pair UTP multi-pair telephone cableFeb.05,2015
Today, 25*2*0.52mm UTP multi-pair cable in large quantity have been produced in Biadi workshop, packed in 1000M/wooden drum. 150KM finished in 20days.
The choice of the cableFeb.04,2015
In recent years, coaxial cables have become an essential component of our information superhighway, it is great for antennas, cable television, and satellite installations and found in a wide variety of residential,

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