Telephone cable
Fire Alarm cableMay.14,2015
Fire alarm systems serve as life lines to safe and secure buildings.
The Belden Equivalent cablesMay.07,2015
The Belden equivalent cable, also referred as Belden alternatives cable, which offers cost-effective alternatives to Belden original cables. These are manufactured to exact standards to provide high-quality data transmission.
How to store the cable correctly?May.04,2015
​Biadi is china cable manufacturer, has much tip for store the cable, the following let us learn about:
Biadi got well feedback after HK FairApr.27,2015
It has almost been half a month since the HK fair. Biadi has some visitors who visited our booth come to meet at our factory and have further discussion about our cooperations.
Biadi's Global Sources Electronics exhibit...Apr.21,2015
Since 1971,the Global Sources Electronics exhibition in HK has a deeply influence in the world which attracted a lot of customers around the world. More important ,it become a platform to know the latest products.
Countries competing for the pacific submar...Mar.30,2015
Under the background that multiple tight buffer fiber optic cable​ crossing-pacific is running , international submarine cable program will bring a new hotspot for this competition in this field.
Biadi’s CEBIT exhibition in Hannover Germ...Mar.26,2015
From 16-20th in March 2015,Shenzhen Biadi Technology Co. have taken an active part in the Cebit which is hold in Germany and everything is going well.
The performance of the cableMar.16,2015
Do you know the performance of the cable? Biadi, the alarm cable supplier will tell you today.

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