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LSHF Cable – Build the Safe buildingsJul.09,2015
With the increasing demand for "safe" buildings, more attention is being paid to the types of cables being installed, and the potential risks in the event of fire. It is now recognized that smoke and poisonous fumes are often a far greater risk to life.
Six Key Considerations When Choosing Categ...Jul.02,2015
​Many people actually have no idea when choosing category 6A cable. So here are 6 key considerrations which may helpful for us:
China-Australia free trade agreementJun.23,2015
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the governments of Australia and China. Since then 21 negotiating rounds have been completed.
The inspection of RG59+2C cableJun.18,2015
Today, one of the Russia customers assigned the professional inspecting company to inspect the RG59+2C cable​ orders. It is random checking and all inspected goods got approval. Biadi will ship out this order next Monday with quantity 300km.
Comparing and analyzing Category 8 cable t...Jun.15,2015
As standards organizations progress in the development of test requirements and specification limits for Category 8 cabling components for frequencies up to 2 GHz, a recent white paper from Hitachi Ca
How to judge the quality of UL electronic ...Jun.11,2015
​Due to certain characteristics of UL electronic wire, the quality of electronic line from the eye is very difficult, but possible to judge the quality of some of the small details.
Which CCTV cable for you?May.28,2015
There are a great many things to consider when installing a new CCTV system. Which cable to use is not always one of them, but choosing the correct CCTV cable​ can have a massive impact upon how effective the system is.
UL wireMay.21,2015
In order to meet most customers'requirements, Biadi cable have successfully applied 14 types of UL wire​ as following:

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