Telephone cable
How to choose reliable network cable?Jun.30,2014
According to the different electrical properties of the cable can be divided into three, 5, 5e, 6 and 7 types of network cable. Different types of network cable price is even greater disparity, application is also very different
Internet network cable develope elementsJun.27,2014
Internet technology upgrading is developing rapidly, the Internet as the assembly of the Internet.The development of the Internet should seize economic policy market technology system five dimensions
Biadi is applying for UL certificateJun.24,2014
English Underwriters Laboratories UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc) Shorthand.
OFFER customized cables service and OEM pr...Jun.20,2014
The R&D center of Biadicable own rich experiences on developing new products to meet different market’s requirements. They provide technical support to sales dept, offer reliable guidance for customers.
Ship out batches of speaker wires orders r...Jun.17,2014
Almost all speaker wire is oxygen free copper wire is usually 99.99+% copper. CCA wire is not commonly sold as speaker wire.
A general survey of Coaxial cable and Fibe...Jun.13,2014
As a traditional analog and digital high-definition monitor transmission medium, coaxial cable has four features :
How to be prominent in this competitive ca...Jun.10,2014
According to the statistics by relevant departments , there are almost seven thousands of enterprises of wire and cable in our country, industry output value reach more than one trillion
Why choose RG59 Siamese cable for your CCT...Jun.06,2014
Biadicable ship large quantity of Siamese cable to Russia, Palestine and United State, All are Customized construction.Why we recommend this kind of cable for your surveillance or CCTV applications?

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