Telephone cable
Submarine optical fiber cable system is fr...Jul.28,2014
Submarine optical fiber cable system Vung Tau province (Vung Tau) to Hong Kong section is fracture, result in Vietnam slow network.Vietnam fiber management unit,
Under different circumstances, how to choo...Jul.24,2014
​1 Gigabit backbone switches, access points Gigabit Switch, which line? Cat6 cable
Simulation of the access way to network vi...Jul.21,2014
​Daily applications, in small monitoring scenario, if requirements for video resolution is not high, may choose plan of simulation
Gigabit network cable connector for connec...Jul.17,2014
Gigabit 5cable or UTP cat5e cable form with the same form of Fast Ethernet cable, also divided into straight-through and crossover.
Reduce the network cable interferenceJul.14,2014
Using the twisted wire is wound between two ways to reduce the signal transmission interference. UTP cable around a length known as "pitch around" to represent each of the lines on the intertwining tightness.
Network cable Shielded or unshielded need ...Jul.10,2014
​Crosstalk signal cable shield, divided into shielded and unshielded network cable.
Can't go beyond 100 meters network Cable t...Jul.07,2014
now a twisted-pair are "insurmountable" of the "100 m" transmission distance.Whether 10 m transmission rates of three kinds of twisted pair, or 100 m transfer rate of 5 kinds of twisted pair, or even 1000 m transfer rate of six kind of twisted pair
Different types of network cable market de...Jul.03,2014
Network cable is also named "twisted pair", divided by the diameter thickness, then cut to the present, as well as commonly used, as well as the future of the upcoming large-scale network cable types used are: three, four, five, over five class, six

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