Telephone cable
Microphone cable shieldingAug.25,2014
Microphone cable is mainly used to connect a microphone and sound equipment, as its working voltage very weak, so the wire shield is particularly important. Here is the way to introduce some shielding:
Fiber optic cableto maintain a distinctive...Aug.21,2014
1. Seasonal: seasonal fiber optic cable​ line maintenance means that before the wind, ice and flood season comes, etc., relevant work units and personnel should strengthen inspection efforts fiber optic cable lines, be sure lines running smooth
Strengthen the line lightning protection m...Aug.18,2014
Before taking the necessary cable laying lightning protection measures, in general, the network cable should be laid in cable lines less lightning activity plains, or those with lower overall soil resistivity region, if necessary through the mountains
Fiber Optic CableAug.14,2014
Fiber optic cable is for short. Optical fiber communication is a light wave as an information carrier, the optical fiber as a communication transmission medium. In principle,
Ordinary telephone cable and wires,What is...Aug.11,2014
Communication with the round telephone cable​ is the signal line carrying the current can be negligible, the conductive core is very small, in order to increase the tensile strength of the wire has been intentionally added.
How to choose anti-theft system alarm cabl...Aug.07,2014
​Based on the bus in the form of a professional alarm system is currently the most widely used, the cable applications are the most complicated, so here discussed.
Coaxial cable connect to the InternetAug.04,2014
As more data is uploaded or downloaded, the Internet as a medium of data to the cloud increasingly important. Increasingly strong demand for network speed.
For professional Speaker cable how to eval...Jul.31,2014
For professional clear speaker cable , the structure of the data is the key to professional Speaker cable before a good voice, the purity of the material is the basis for the wire, he was no technical indicators.

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