Telephone cable
Cat5, cat5e, cat6 network cable bandwidth?Sep.22,2014
​In everyone's life and work, for different network bandwidth lines do not know enough ,allow network cable manufacturer to explain to you:
Coaxial cable InternetSep.19,2014
Coaxial cable supplier internet can generally be divided into three categories, The following we can tell:
Identification of cat6 cableSep.15,2014
Identification of cat6 cable Cat6 cable ultimate aim is to make everyone more efficient use of the Internet, we want to achieve the effect of network technology is under-developed situation, we will se
UTP cat5e cableSep.12,2014
UTP cat5e network cable is to put four insulated wires orange, blue, green, brown sleeve different colors, each sleeve with a white wire in the wire sleeve intertwined, and finally wrapped in a layer of environmental protection made of flame retardant PVC
Relations fiber and cableSep.10,2014
​In the developed world this network, fiber optic cable is replaced by other communication tools inevitable trend.
How to identify the true and false of the ...Sep.04,2014
With the increase of silicon rubber network cable​ in urban grid, the large number of applications, fault cable connectors and accessories of cable connectors and accessories also continue to occur.
Rg6 coaxial cableSep.01,2014
Rg6 coaxial cable for connection between the frequency bandwidth of digital set-top boxes to reach 3,000 trillion.
Internet cafes cable maintenanceAug.28,2014
​The first is the network cable, which is conducted bridge data exchange between network devices, in addition to using high-quality cable, the Internet network cable must be checked regularly to see if there are loose,

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