Telephone cable
Biadi package of cableNov.24,2014
For different cables, external packaging materials are defined as follows:
Serious security cable industry price comp...Nov.20,2014
China, as the world's largest coaxial cable manufacturer, international development trends are becoming evident security cable.
Problems inherent in analog conference sys...Nov.17,2014
​Traditional analog conferencing equipment there are several issues make it gradually being replaced by digital conference equipment.
Next year's exhibition plan with shenzhen ...Nov.13,2014
On March 16-20th, 2015, We will participate CEBIT, Germany. And Then also participate ELECTRONICS&COMPONENTS EXHIBITION in HK, Hosted by GLOBAL SOURCES, On April 11-14th,2015.
russian customer custom 3 in 1 outdoor cab...Nov.11,2014
One our russian customer custom 3 in 1 outdoor cable, packing is 200m per roll, Successfully delivery to Port!
Coaxial cable mechanism and advantages of ...Nov.11,2014
Limited use analog signal transmission cable television china coaxial cable​ system is called a broadband coaxial cable. In computer networks, "broadband cable" means any use of analog signal transmission cable network.
Wire and cable industry associations to "g...Nov.07,2014
​Wire and cable is related to people's lives and a special commodity in almost all sectors whether the normal operation, the face of people's living environment and living environment of growing concern,
Compared with network cbale, where is coax...Nov.03,2014
We are Netwok cable and coaxial cable manufacturer, Today let us introduce the difference between network cable and coaxial:

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