Telephone cable
Environmental cable industry will be the f...Dec.25,2014
In the wire and cable industry, environmental degradation will Forced companies made the following behavior: more efficient manufacturing equipment and technology to maximize material utilization, while minimizing pollutant discharge; in materials
Environmental cable industry will be the f...Dec.22,2014
With the promulgation of the EU ROHS Directive, environmental protection wire and china LSZH cable development and large-scale adoption has become an international trend. Cable got the attention of environmental protection.
Biadi New product of a LSZH Kind CAT6a Cab...Dec.18,2014
Recently the top volume production of a kind of high quality green LSZH CAT6a cable, LSZH this material belongs to the safety of environmental protection, most are sold to Europe
Biadi Cable Booth Number of CeBIT in Hanov...Dec.11,2014
On March 16-20th, 2015, Biadi cables will be exhibiting at CeBIT in Hanover , please come along and discuss your requirements with our friendly helpful staff. We are located in HALL 12 Booth number C56-3-9.
RG6 Coaxial CableDec.08,2014
Rg6 coaxial cable for connection between the frequency bandwidth of digital set-top boxes to reach 30 trillion.
Israel customer's cable has been finished,...Dec.04,2014
Today one 20'container with FTP cat5e network cable, FTP cat7 network cable and china fiber optic cable is prepared to shipping to the port from biadi cable manufacturer
Biadi workshop with CAT5e and CAt6 cableDec.01,2014
​Recently we are busy to manufacture CAt5e nextwork cable and CAt6 network cable in outdoor and indoor for our US customer, Also custom a kind copper cable, This cable is low smoke zero halogen, a kind of sheath material,
Cable gland requirementsNov.27,2014
​HV, EHV cable head requirements 1. The combination of different cable sizes, choose the appropriate traction head, according to the head can be suppressed within the traction conductor length

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