Telephone cable
What is structured cablingNov.28,2017
If you are familiar with the data cabling industry, you may have heard quite lot of the term about structured cabling.Structured cabling is used to create reliable, flexible data networking options to
Elementary knowledge of cableNov.24,2017
What is the maximum current and power through a 1mm² of cable? For example, with the need of 25 ampere, how to calculate the conductor cross section before installation?
UL approved cable in BiadicableNov.20,2017
Appliance wiring material (AWM) is a large category of wire and cable that spans over different constructions. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) categorizes AWM as a Recognized Component used in Listed or
China first pushed medium frequency band 5...Nov.16,2017
On 15th November, Ministry of Industry and Information released officially on website "Notice about the fifth generation mobile communication system using the 3300-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz band relate
FAQ on Fire Alarm Cable & Security CableNov.10,2017
Q1: How many different types of Fire Alarm & Security Cable are available?
A visiting tour in CPSENov.03,2017
The 16th -2017 CPSE,which is named China Public Security Expo was held in Shenzhen from 29th October to 1st November.It’s the only professional public safety exhibition accredited by BPA internationa
Copper Rate Has A Big Shock!Oct.26,2017
Copper, the conductor material used for Cat5e network cable and Cat6 network cable faces a big shock for the rate. From 25th Sep 2017 to 24th Oct 2017, the LME rate has increased from USD6520 to USD7
How to choose high quality Lan cableOct.20,2017
Network cable (twisted pair) such as cat5e and cat6 cables are used to transmit data, the impact of network transmission performance of the most essential cause is the conductor copper core material,

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