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China first pushed medium frequency band 5G for commercial usage

On 15th November, Ministry of Industry and Information released officially on website "Notice about the fifth generation mobile communication system using the 3300-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz band related issues." Ministry of Industry and Information introduced officially by Wechat , the release of the use plan of  the medium frequency band for 5G system frequency, taking into consideration of system coverage and large capacity of the basic needs,  is the main deployment of the main band for the 5G system in China.


Spectrum is the most important scarce resource for the entire wireless communications industry. Compared with the previous 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G has far more bandwidth and higher speed than before, and at the same time supports the connection of 100 billion IoT devices, and the required spectrum of 5G is far more than the sum of previous generations of mobile communications. At the meanwhile, for the three applications of movable broadband, low latency and large-scale networking, 5G system in the planning to determine the "full band", the need for high-frequency, intermediate frequency, low-frequency integrated planning.


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