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How to choose high quality Lan cable

Network cable (twisted pair) such as cat5e and cat6 cables are used to transmit data, the impact of network transmission performance of the most essential cause is the conductor copper core material, the lay of core and production technology.

Cat5e and cat6 high-quality network cable should use pure copper wire core, the same case copper resistance is smaller. And suitable for POE power supply, small resistance can avoid the loss of electricity in the transmission process. Pure copper material core is soft, its toughness is not easy to pull cut, also with excellent luster on copper

There is a certain difference to produce the different length of cable laying by different manufacturers; But the good quality of cable laying is more intensive. On the contrary, the poor quality cable laying has relatively sparse, and the length of laying for brown core wire is greater than 62.5px.

High-quality twisted pair twist direction is counterclockwise twist which low-quality twisted pair is clockwise twist around.

Insulation material of cable has a great influence on the performance of the twisted pair. Because the skin effect causes the currents is transmitted along the outermost layer of the conductor.

If uses a poor material for insulating, the poor material is easy to aging, and then the insulation is easy become brittle and crack after aging, It will causes copper core touches air directly, then occur chemical reactions lead to oxidation, Copper core after oxidation, its surface has copper oxide with a layer of great resistance, which greatly reduces the transmission performance of the core. So high-quality twisted-pair; such as cat5e and cat6 cable, their insulation should be high-quality environmentally PE (polyethylene)

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