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flexible CAT 6A Ethernet cable for industrial automation applications

Category 6A cable, designed forautomation applications, this new cable is able to carry 10 GBit/s while offering the exceptional durability and flexibility essential for drag chain installations.

The cable will meet the need for increased data volume in industrial settings. The CAT 6A cable can bend to a radius 10 times its diameter while withstanding at least three million cycles, a new benchmark for CAT 6A Industrial Ethernet. CAT 6 cable carries signal frequencies of up to 500 MHz while reducing crosstalk and system noise. Its outer PUR jacket is halogen free, protecting people and equipment in the event of a fire. It is also abrasion and oil resistant.

The Industrial Ethernet cable can be used for Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine intercommunication and Internet of Things applications. The high data rates, ability to withstand strenuous repetitive movement and small bending radius make the cable suitable for applications requiring a high volume of data transfer in drag chain applications.

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