Telephone cable

Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cable is a popular wire used for audio and visual purposes, especially televisions and VCRs. It isn’t perfect, but the fact it is compatible with so many products makes it the best cable of its type on the electronic market. Users should understand how the coaxial cable works before installing it.

For LANs, coaxial cable offers several advantages. It can be run with fewer boosts from repeaters for longer distances between network nodes than either STP or UTP cable. Repeaters regenerate the signals in a network so that they can cover greater distances. Coaxial cable is less expensive than fiber-optic cable, and the technology is well known; it has been used for many years for all types of data communication.

The main benefit of using a coaxial cable is that it is the default cable of its type. This means that most electronics you use will already be compatible with coaxial. Other benefits of the coaxial cable include its ability to shield your television from outside interference.

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