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Three tips to Identify Counterfeit Cabling

When selecting cables like CCTV Siamese Cable, people always have such worry whether the cable is Counterfeit or not. While identifying a counterfeit cable isn't easy, there are a few signs that can help you spot them. Bogus marks and labels on packaging are a giveaway; these marks can include the cable legend indicating the components are UL-listed, Electrical Testing Labs-verified by Intertek (an inspection product testing and certification company), or compliant with TIA 568-C specification for commercial building cabling. While these features may seem legitimate, they must also be traceable.

To ensure a cable such as china cat6 sftp network cable is authentic, it's important to take note of three things:

Valid Electrical Testing Lab (ETL) marks are accompanied by a manufacturer's control number. The manufacturer should have the test results readily available, and companies should check and verify the ETL listings through Intertek's website.

Companies can verify UL file numbers, which are shown adjacent to a UL label, through UL's online certification, and UL's credit-card sized hologram authenticator can help verify its unique holographic label.

The Communications Cable & Connectivity Association (CCCA) also offers a free CableCheck mobile app that includes instructions on how to check marks and legends for authenticity and for field-screen cables.

Avoid becoming a victim of counterfeit cabling. To securely, efficiently, and legally connect the network of a healthcare facility, it's critical to choose a reputable cabling manufacturer, as well as to train network engineers, buyers, and system installers on how to identify counterfeit products.

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