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Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables

Biadi’s best selling products of the Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables have the best-in-class performance, speed of termination with the security and robust noise immunity and unparalleled usability shielding cabling system: the cutting edge of all categories of 6A cabling.They enable 10Gbit data transmission over a 4-connector twisted-pair of copper cable for over 100 meters, while remaining fully backward compatible with the existing 10/100/1000 fast and Gigabit Ethernet networks. The Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables extend the electrical specification from 250MHz to 500MHz, which exceeds CAT6 specifications. The Cat6A performs at improved specifications, especially in the area of alien cross-talk as compared to cat6 UTP, which normally exhibits high noise at high frequencies.

As a professional cable manufacture ,we always devote ourselves to unlimited development of cable ,and we really hope that our good performance cable can be a good choice for all of you .

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