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Coaxial Cable is coming for you!

Look out world, coaxial cable is coming for you.

This common type of cable can be seen in your televisions, your VCR’s, cable boxes, and Ethernet cables and according to a recent report by Transparency Market Research the North American Coaxial Cable Market is expected to reach a value of an estimated 3.1 billion dollars by 2018. That is a growth rate of approximately 7.2 % each year until 2018.

The report attributes a large part of this increase to the booming market of video streaming services such as Netflix and Apple TV, which currently represents the largest segment of end users in the region. Currently in the United States, 90% of Americans have coaxial cable networks to access content on HDTV, laptops, BlueRays, and gaming consoles.

However, the coaxial cable market isn’t tied to the television business alone; it’s also relevant in the military, aerospace, construction, medical, automotive, and marine industries. There is also evidence to suggest that between now and 2018, there will be a huge demand for coaxial cable for security and surveillance equipment manufacturers as the United States has been focusing on improving security in both the public and private sectors, researchers have found.

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