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Do you know "RG-6" cable?

Most coaxial cable users may heard about "RG" numbers--RG-6, RG-59, RG-11 and so on, but we sometimes run into a bit of confusion about "RG" numbers. Here's a little piece to explain just what these are, and what they really mean (or don't mean).

Take RG-6 cable, for example. The only thing one can say generally about RG-6 type coaxes is that they have an 18 AWG center conductor. An RG-6 might be a cheap generic CATV coax, designed strictly for economy, with a thin aluminum braid and a copper-coated steel center conductor; it might be a better-grade CATV coax, with an aluminum "quad shield" arrangement; or it might be a precision serial digital video coax like Belden 1694A, with a dense copper braid and double-foil shield, solid copper center conductor, nitrogen-injected PE foam dielectric, and extremely broad bandwidth and tight impedance tolerance. When people ask, "can I just use RG-6 for this application," the only correct answer is a question: what do you mean by "RG-6"? High-bandwidth serial digital video and cable TV distribution may both use RG-6 type cable, but that doesn't mean that the cable for one is necessarily suitable for the other.

Now you may have a clear recognition about "RG-6" cables, if you still have questions, you can ask "RG-6" coaxial cable manufacturer-biadi and they can give you the detailed explainations.

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