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How to judge the quality of UL electronic wires with eyes?

Due to certain characteristics of UL electronic wire, the quality of electronic line from the eye is very difficult, but possible to judge the quality of some of the small details.

1, conductor

(1) The surface should be rounded and smooth, continuous and uniform coating.

(2) conductor surface should not have a triangular mouth, burrs, cracks, kinks, folds, inclusions, the scars, pits, mechanical damage, corrosion spots and other defects.

(3) color to be well-balanced, light, there should be no excessive oxidation traces.

(4) The conductor cross-section size should be sufficient, no loss side.

2, insulation or sheathing

(1) the surface smooth and rounded, shiny symmetry, should not have eyesight visible knots, bubbles, scorch and the like.

(2) Insulation (jacket) Thickness of symmetry, not eccentric.

(3) No mechanical damage and flattening of the phenomenon.

(4) There should be no adhesion between of each layer of material.

UL wire

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