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Biadi's Global Sources Electronics exhibition

Built in 1971,the in HK has a deeply influence in the world which attracted a lot of customers around the world.More important ,it become a platform to know the latest products.

In order to build our own image of the brand , “Biadi” , a professional cable supplier ,has applied for a 27m2 booth to make our customer have a better understanding about our history,our products and our ability.We show many types of cable there.And we found that the European and the Oceania are more interested in the alarm cable and cat6a,cat7 lan cable .As for the South America and South Africa customer,they paid more attention on the electric cable and cat5,cat6 lan cable .But for the North America customer,maybe they are glad to know more about the cat7,patch cord cable.

Different areas has different taste,different customer has different inquiry.What we want to offer now is try our best to supply good quality cable of different types to make our future more and more brighter.

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